Master Replicas Signature Edition Millennium Falcon Studio Scale Model.
Limited to 500 pieces worldwide. I have #211/500.

He's flown from one side of the galaxy to the other and seen a lot of strange things but Han Solo has never seen a replica of his famous starship like this that first made its debuted at SanDiego ComicCon 2006.

Collaborating with Lucasfilm, Master Replicas digitally scanned the actual surviving special effects miniature, recruited Falcon experts with years of research knowledge, and employed master model makers using hundreds of original model kit parts to produce a replica so jaw-droppingly amazing, you'd think you could climb onboard and elude any number of Imperial entanglements.

Destined to become the centerpiece of any fan's collection, this extraordinary Millennium Falcon Studio Scale replica measures an unbelievable 32" x 24" x 6" (an exact copy of the filming miniature).
-Internal metal armature to ensure long-term structural integrity.
-Quality resin and injection molded ABS construction. Authentic surface details replicating the hundreds of model kit parts used on the original miniature.
-Illuminating headlights, cockpit detail, and engine effects.
-Authentic battle-scarred and weathered paint scheme. Universal AC Power Adapter 100-220V (USA plug).
-Custom, museum-quality mirrored display base.
-Prop story, technical spec plaque, numbered edition signature plaque signed by Harrison Ford, and Certificate of Authenticity.
-Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide.

When I first saw this studio scale vehicle debuted at SanDiego ComicCon 2006 I knew I must have one in my Star Wars collection. Master Replicas said this item would go up for sale shortly after SanDiego ComicCon 2006 ended and would not be ready to ship until the late winter of 2006/2007. I figured that was enough time to save up and purchase this wonderful item in time for my birthday in March. To my surprise this item was charged to my credit card (that is now maxed out) in December 2006 since Master Replicas sent this item out a few months earlier than expected. Why do companies always charge people for the big-ticketed items during the Holiday Season?

When this item arrived to my home I was surprised on how large the package was. It is very large and weighs around 75lbs. The packing is nice. The outside box is a box in which inside lays lots of packing formed foam that inside sits another large box that contains the foam-shipping carton that contains the Studio Scale Millennium Falcon. It takes two people to open up the package to eventually get to the foam-shipping carton to take out the Millennium Falcon.

Upon opening up my Millennium Falcon I felt like a little kid in a candy store.
I read all the instructions and had everything laid out on the floor to make sure everything was there. Upon approval I set up the base where I wanted it in the toy room or which I call my museum. I then placed the Millennium Falcon on the pedestal that is on the base and placed on the radar dish. I then placed the Harrison Ford signed plaque (#211/500) on the base and the tech spec plaque on the other side. I plugged it in and watched the engines and the rest of the Millennium Falcon glow. I was in a state of awe.

For your knowledge this is the first and probably last official Star Wars related item that Harrison Ford will sign. Harrison Ford is a private person and acquiring his signature is extremely hard.

I can now say that I am a proud owner of the limited signature edition Millennium Falcon brought to you by Master Replicas.

I ask myself “How can Master Replicas top this?” I do not know.


I purchased a case cover to cover this costly investment of mine.