Larry Kenney

January of 2006 I was introduced to Larry Kenney since I am a Thundercats fan. Most people will know Larry Kenney as the voice of Lion-O in the Thundercats cartoon. He also voiced Jackalman.

His other big voice work would include COCOA PUFFS cereal (voice of SONNY, THE COO-COO BIRD), COUNT CHOCULA cereal (voice of COUNT CHOCULA), and CADBURY MINI EGGS (voice of BIG BROWN BUNNY) not including many other character that he has lent his talent to.

As I got to talk with Larry Kenney the topic of meeting people and acquiring autographs came up. As many people know I do not like to purchase a photograph to have signed but create my own collage to have personalized and signed. I like to have something special and one of a kind. Larry Kenney being the good sport that he is told me that if I made a collage and sent it to him he would be more than happy to sign it. My first collage was that of Lion-O. I really like Jackalman so I created a second collage. Then I decided to combine the two and create a collage with both Lion-O and Jackalman. Liking all three collages I did not want to seem greedy and have all three signed. So I asked which collage should I send to have signed. I was told to send all three. I did send all three of my Thundercats collages with a second set for Larry Kenney to keep along with a self stamped return envelope. Appreciating what I created Larry Kenney signed all three of my collages and wrote me a nice little note.

I framed one of my collages to hang on the wall while the other two with the note will go in my binder.

Larry Kenney is one of the few talents out there who will keep in contact with his fans. That is a much-appreciated gesture by such a great person.

Thank you Larry Kenney for your outstanding work and generosity.

Visit Larry Kenney's site.