Jaga (Anthropomorphic Jaguar)
Gender: Male

Jaga is my Furry Anthropomorphic Jaguar Character with many personalities. He started off by my interest in furdom. As I learned about furdom I purchased my first fur suit of a Jaguar. Knowing that there are probably other people out there with the same fur suit as I, I just had to come up with a name, personality, and more so I could also be within the furry family.As I delved into the world of furdom I realized it was not just people in costume running around and acting all crazy. There are all sorts of activities in the world of fur; art, stories, games, costumes, the list goes on.So where is this leading to? As I have said Jaga is my furry character. I had a friend of mine who is a fantastic artist come up with some drawings of Jaga in different situations. Being a fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy I gave him some ideas and I let him have free run of how Jaga would look as my anthropomorphic furry character.

The first drawing is of Jaga somewhat based off of Man-At-Arms from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

(Original drawing by T. Muncy, colored by S. Bristol)

Jaga was raised in the jungles of Eternia defending his pride against the evil forces that lay within. Jaga took up the position of scout and warrior to fight against the present evil forces. Jaga became skilled in hand-to-hand combat and surprise sneak attacks. Jaga roams the jungles on Eternia but has not been seen for some time. No one knows if he is still alive.

The second drawing is of Jaga as a Jedi or Sith from the Star Wars universe.

(Original drawing by T. Muncy, colored by S. Bristol, Name added by D. Syczylo)

A fallen Jedi secretly trained Jaga in the ways of the Force. The Force was persistent in his body but not as strong as most. As Jaga trained he became skilled with his lightsaber and learned many Jedi and Sith techniques as he become stronger with the Force. When the Republic fell and the Emperor’s loyal troops attacked all that stood in his way, Jaga made his presence known not only to the last of the Jedi but to the Emperor as well. Jaga fought against the rise of this new Empire until his death where he joined with the Force.
I have a page with Jaga dressed as a Jedi.

The third drawing is of Jaga based off of Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings.

(Original drawing by T. Muncy, colored by S. Bristol, Name added by D. Syczylo)