IndyFurCon is Indiana's first convention for fans of anthropomorphic creatures and art. It gives midwestern furries an event filled weekend to get together with friends and have fun in the middle of the 5-month period that separates Anthrocon and Midwest FurFest.


Whoozfur is derived from the word Hoosier that is the nickname of Indiana natives. Years ago, Whoozfur became the unofficial name given to furries in Indiana in 1998 when the internet based social group was created, and still is to this day. We thought it only fitting for the parent company to run IndyFurCon to be named Whoozfur Inc. Founded in 2009, Whoozfur Inc is a non-profit 501(c)7 corporation. Its soul purpose is to organize and produce a convention annually to showcase anthropomorphic art, creatures, and education.



Ok with that all said let me say that I am more than excited to be attending Indy FurCon. Many who know me know that I have always been a furry at heart but for the past few years I had stepped away from the fandom in hopes of finding a mate. I will never step away from the fandom ever again! I am furry for life!! Anthropomorphic creatures are one of my favorite things.



Not all furries are like what you have seen on CSI or True Life. Those two shows have given furries a negative stereotype, we are not all furverts. Most of us are normal as normal can be, it is no different than dressing up in Stormtrooper armor, a super hero costume, an anime character, painting your body at a football game or attending any other convention. It is a group of people who share an interest all in good fun.




I first arrived to Indy Furcon on Friday afternoon. I put on my black cat tail and after I bought my badge for entry I proceeded into the convention. While waiting in line I was talking to a guy who shares some similar interests and I do as a person who works on movies. He is currently working on a documentary about furries that I hope I will be able to see once completed.



I was approached by a few friends who asked me were Jaga is at. Jaga is my Jaguar fursuit. This weekend he was being used by the zoo so I could not be him. If I could have brought him it would have been the last time I would have been able to wear him since I am going to retire him and change from a feline to a wolf.



I headed to the artist area where I was looking at some of the art that was available. Some really neat pieces were there and it was nice to be able to talk to some of the artist that was displaying their work. Every artist there was more than friendly and willing to talk about his or her work.



I made my way to the dealers’ room. One might think that only furry related items would be in such a place but no, there were toys, action figures and more besides furry related items. I even ran into one of my favorite artists Susan Van Camp who creates some wonderful animal and furry artwork. I talked to her for a few minutes about upcoming projects and more.



I then wondered around the convention taking pictures and talking to some of the friendliest furries you could imagine. Some of suits partial to full body were either handmade or some professionally crafted. I can say no matter what it was they were all neat and just a joy to see as always.



I dropped into the panel on feline furries and their meet and greet. A question was asked “why did you choose to be a feline?” I thought about it and I came up with my answer. I work like a dog all day and when the day is done I want to be left alone as a cat would be, that and plus I want to relax and be lazy. Also there is another side of me where I am a dog but that is another story for another time. As the panel was going on the K9 group of furries came in which was all in good fun and then they left. See felines and K9s can get along. I should know, I portray both.


After that I walked around taking a few more pictures and then left for the day since I had to be at work that night. Saturday will be much larger and I look forward to another day being around people and anthropomorphic creatures that accept me for who I am. Being a furry is being accepted into a fandom like none other. Plus my ex-boyfriend Bill is in town, he is still moving his stuff to Wichita for his job transfer. Though we parted our ways as a couple he is going to attend Indy Fur Con with me.



On Saturday I started off with a panel, it was the College Furs from Ball State. They talked about what their group is about it is the anthropomorphic Artists Society. Some topics covered were how to start a group, dealing with negativity that comes with being a furry and how to deal with it in a positive way and more. One person said "Nobody Raves like a furry!" That is so true, if you have never been to the late night rave / dance parties at a furry conveniton you have no idea what this is about.



I then wondered the convention for a bit and took some pictures of the various furries walking around and just hanging about. Then it was time for the furry parade in which all who were dressed up in furry costumes paraded down the corridor. It is always neat to see such a large group of furries at once. The parade of furries went outside for some fun and a group photo (see end of post).



Going back inside some of the furries were playing around and one hip cat Bucktown Tiger had his digital piano set up and was playing. It is surprising to see someone play piano wearing the hand-paws and still being able to play. That is talent on a keyboard I have to say.








Overall I had fun for my first full fledge furcon as being out as a re-born furry. I am looking forward to more and cannot wait until next year for Indy Furcon to return. A big thank you to those who took the time to talk to me and allow me to take photographs. I am glad to have made a bunch of new friends.

This is the amazing group who turned out for Indy Furcon 2011.

Keep being furry my friends.