Well this time at Horror Hound I am excited! They are having a "GREMLINS" reunion with Director Joe Dante, Zach Galligan (Billy Peltzer), and Dick Miller (Murray Futterman). This is the first time all of them have been together for a very long time. Being a "Gremlins" Fan I am excited. I have made one of my custom collages to have all of them sign.

Dick Miller and I

Zach Galligan and I

My custom collage I made to have signed.

Also amongst the guests is non-other than the outstanding Doug Jones. He is best know for his creature characters most notable is Abe Sapien from "Hell Boy", Silver Surfer from "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer", and Fauno & Pale Man from "Pan's Labrynith". Of course he has a long list of other characters he has played. Doug Jones is really the main reason I am attending Horror Hound this time. His worked has impressed me very much. He is doing something that I have always wanted to do, bring life to a creature character in a film. Visit the Doug Jone's Experience

Doug Jones and I

My custom collage I made to have signed.

With the left ankle being broken I atteneded Horror Hound but did not take many pictures as I usually do. I got the autographs I wanted from the people I wanted to meet along with some pictures. I then met up with some friends and hung out. As we were walking or as I was crutching the convention I ran into many people who I have not seen in awhile. It was nice to say hello and see them again. Since it was Labor Day weekend the attendance was not as large as the past Horror Hounds. I am kind of glad with the ankle being broken and all.

Cute and cuddly wolf!

While crutching around I had several people stop me and ask what had happened to my leg. I told them what happened and I would say 9 out of 10 of the people would say "Oh I am so sorry" and give me a hug. Some people even said the brace I am wearing on my leg is HOT! I do not know what that really means but I have been told by several people that same very thing, there must be some fetish with guys in casts, braces, ect.

Me and J. A very nice and lovely lady.

As I was at the convention I was introduced to Derek who is a nice guy from LA who told me I was a sexy bitch! We sat and talked. Now most people who know me know that I am a shy person. I have not had anyone take an interest in me for a long time. I was very flattered that Derek thought I was a nice looking guy. He bought me a few drinks which I appreciated a whole bunch. I cannot say Thank You enough for that extremely generous gesture.

Derek and I.
I look terible only running on a few hours of sleep and having a few drinks.

As we were talking time for me was getting short and I had to go. Derek tried his hardest to get me to stay but I could not. I had to be up early the next morning. I put in a 13.5-hour day before and I was running on about 3-hours of sleep. I truely wanted to stay but those of you who know me, work comes before my happiness and things that I want to do. I work hard to be part of the projects I get to be involved in. Maybe one day when I am making better income I can settle down, relax, and have some fun for myself. Again I was delighted that someone took an interest in me but I could not stay though I really wanted to.

It was hard for me to leave and say good-bye. On my way home I felt really guilty about having to leave. I have disappointed someone or even broken someone's heart that had a genuine interest in me for being me and not some poser like many others out there. Derek saw that I have a genuine heart and he wanted to get to know me better for that. Again I had to sacrifice something that could have made me happy due to my devotion to work in hopes of making something better of myself later in life. One day I will be stable enough to have a devoted mate, be happy, and still be part of the business. Until that time comes I have to keep working hard to make something of myself. I cannot risk being happy if I am not stable in life.