Ok fans of horror and fun it is once again time for another HorrorHound here in Indianapolis. I made plans so I could spend the whole day at the convention on Saturday and for the after party. Upon getting to the convention I was early so I hung out in the hotel talking and meeting with friends and people who I have not seen since the last HorrorHound.

This time the convention was packed with people. This is due to other horror conventions being cancelled so everyone now comes to Indy a growing horror capital.

While Attending Horror Hound I got to meet and actors and get their autograph on my custom collages I make and a picture with them.

Me and Luke Goss

Luke Goss was generous enough with a big thank you to his agent who was there with him to sign a picture to my mother. She is going through cancer and this very thoughtful gesture really made her smile and made her day brighter. So again thank you.

Jason Mewes and I

Jason is a funny guy and is so much more than what people think he is.
And boy does he eat the butt! as he says. ;)

Adrienne Barbeau and I

I first knew of Adreinne Barbeau from "Swamp Thing" but she has a lot of credits under her from doing other films to voice overs and more.

Me and John Saxon

John Saxon has been around for many years and has many credits under him.
I look forward to one of his latest projects titled "Warwolves". John Saxon is a very nice person and I am glad to have met him.

Corey Haim and I.
This guy is nuts and a lot of fun to hang around.

Lots of people know I am a creature guy and at this Horror Hound there were many masks on display from various artists.

There were some nice replicas of various creature from film as well.

There were some really nice realistic busts of characters there are well.

Ok. Now for some reason at the hotel there was also a religious woman's retreat / seminar thing going on. I do not have anything against anyone and their beliefs. But I found it odd that you would have a Horror and a Religious conventions going on at the same time. I do not know how many times one of these ladies say "God Bless You" to me.

So late on Saturday night before the after party some of us were sitting around and being stupid and goofy we had some fun. There was a young lady wearing a shirt with Jesus on it giving the middle finger. Now the religious woman were handing out kits on exorcism. So being goofy there was a fake exorcism that went on!

"The Power Of Christ Compells You!" She said it burned and she screamed.
I can say we got some very nasty looks from the religious group. It was all in good fun.

During the after party Corey Haim and G Tom Mac broke out and sang "Cry Little Sister" from the "Lost Boys" and there was a singalong.

I left HorrorHound around 1am on Sunday morning as the after party was starting to settle down. I was kind of disappointed with the after party for I was hoping to hook up with someone I met at the last Horror Hound. I stayed in the middle lobby where the after party was taking place but I never saw him anywhere. I know from earlier in the day he said he had dinner reservations and maybe he got to busy or had to do some work, I do not know. Either way I really wish I could have had a hookup with him, maybe next time if I am still single.

Overall Horror Hound was good. I enjoy going there for the day to hang out and see some friends and make some new ones.

Until next time, turn out the lights and have a good scream.