As you can see it was a busy weekend.

Hanging out with some true friends. Friends are a blessing to have. I cherish the people I call friends.

Since I am helping on an upcoming film "Mental Scars" I thought I would hang up some flyers and put some on the free tables to help advertise. Duh! Promote a horror flick at a horror convention.

Friday the opening day I walked the event and just like the last fews time many of the same vendors were there minus a few from before and some additional new ones. As usual I like to meet some of the people who make movies so memorable. I got to meet and talk with the following people and picked up some autographs for my collection during the weekend.

Ricou Browning and me.
Ricou Browning is the man I wanted to meet at this show more than anyone esle. He played my favorite classic movie monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon. It was nice to meet such a legend.

Me and Brian O'Halloran.
Brian O'Hallooran most known for his role as Dante Hicks in "Clerks" and other Kevin Smith films. He was also in "Vulgar" and "Brutal Massacre." Brian is a nice down to earth guy, very friendly.

Leslie Easterbook and me.
Leslie Easterbook is most known for her character Callohan from the "Police Academy" movies or her three seasons on the television show "Lavern and Sherly." Many horror fans know her as Mother Firefly from "The Devil's Rejects." Leslie took the time to talk with us, tell us stories from various projects she was in and more. Learned a little bit about Robert Francis 'Bobcat' Goldthwait as well. She is a very lovely person and I am glad to have met her.

Danny Trejo and me.
Danny Trejo, most notable from being in "From Dusk Till Dawn," Rob Zombie's "Halloween," and the character Machette in "Grindhouse." He was just standing around and took the time to talk to my friends and I. He was nice enough to allow us to get pictures with him.

Me and the legendary Sammy Terry.

Sammy Terry was (and still is every once and a while) the Horror Movie Host on WTTV Channel 4 Indianapolis/Bloomington, IN. Many of us can thank Sammy for first introducing us to the films of Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney Jr., and the gang.
Sammy Terry is a lot of fun and very funny. He gets people to laugh. Thank you for the memories Sammy Terry. Pleasant Nightmares!


Yes, there is a small smile or smirk on my face. Maybe we are both grinning. That does not happen very often.

I made one of my custom collages for Sammy Terry to sign.

Chris Sarandon and Me.

The handsome, versatile, worldly-looking Chris Sarandon has played everything from vampires to Jesus Christ in magnetic performances that have not only been controversial but hard to miss. Many will know him as Prince Humperdinck in "The Princess Bride."

I am glad that I was able to go out and load him up with more rubber band ammo! If you were not there you have no idea what I am talking about. There was a rubber band war between all the guests, helpers, friends, ect. Nobody lost an eye.

Me and Barbie Wilde.
Barbie Wilde played Female #2 in one of the Hell Rasier movies. She is a very nice person. Check out

I got to meet Doug Bradley but sadly no picture with him. Doug Bradley is probably most famous for his role as Hellraiser's Pinhead - Dark Prince of Pain, Angel of Suffering, Leviathan's Lord of the Damned.

We got to talk for a few moments and that is good enough for me. Safe Journey Doug.

Of course to my surprise my friend Doug Wangler showed up! If you do not know Doug he was the model for the Star Wars Jedi, Quinlan Vos.
Terence Muncy drew an image of Quinlan Vos on a guys arm. Pretty neat!
Check out Doug's site.

I want to say that WarBranch is selling their first full length project "Hell Walks The Earth" at this event. I mainly took still pictures for them on this project but I do have two on screen cameos. I play an extra zombie and I get to play the drunk guy in the police station.

Saturday evening I stayed for the after hours parties, yes I said parties. I did not leave until 2:30am. I had a great time hanging out, meeting people, seeing the costume contest, and more.

Not sure who these gals were but they were fun!

With Prop and Costume fans there was some items from the various Hell Raiser films. I got lots of cool pictures of these items.

I cannot forget my buff buddy Marv. Check out his MySpace.

It was a very fun weekend. I met up with friends, made new friends, networked and took a hell of a lot of pictures. Looking forward to the next Indianapolis Horror Hound in August 2008.

So did you count how many times I smiled? To get me to smile for a picture is a hard thing to do.
Until next time, keep on screaming.