Local Indiana Fur Meet August 2008

Well this was my very first fur meet with other local furries. I was extremely happy that I attended. Not only did I get to hang out and chit chat with some people I made some new friends. Only four of the people who showed up brought a costume but that is allright, we were all there to just hang and have a good time.

Though I am in a brace for my broken ankle I managed just fine with some help of the pther furries that were there. Oh how much I love the fur and like to cuddle with an oversized stuffed animal.

Here is everyone that attended. Such a great group of people!

As yo ucan see I was limited in my mobility. But I had a great time talking to new friends.

The furries having some fun!

You are FIRED! and taking some time to reflect in the mirror.

Some of the group went swimming. All I could do it watch.

Overall it was a good time to be had by all. I am happy to have made some new friends. I look forward to future meetings with this great group of furries and maybe even one day attend a ConFURence with them.