Furry Connection North (or as it is often known “FCN”) is a furry convention experience that is focused around a party type atmosphere. Furry Connection North is known for a number of quality features but two seem to stand out in the minds of both its staff and attendees; the Sponsor’s Lounge and Dances.


The Sponsor’s Lounge grew out of the idea of making the convention as affordable as possible and as such it was decided that for the people who are paying to use the suite will get their hard earned monies worth, including hot food around meal times, snacks and drinks during all hours of operations and locally made micro brewed cold beer after 5PM.


Some conventions are content with only two nights of music and dancing while others try to do three but at Furry Connection North there is a dance every night of the convention.


Furry Connection North is committed to providing quality programming in the main events room, the amphitheater and panel rooms. The theme for 2012 is taking place in the world of intrigue that is international espionage.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This is my first time attending Furry Connection North. I know this report of mine will not cover everything I partook in for there was just too much fun to be had at Furry Connection North 2012. I may not have been able to do all that I wanted but that is ok. I had a lot of fun. Plus I will upfront say that I was a little bit too free and naughty and drank a lot at this convention, which is something I usually do not do at a convention. I like to have my wits about me all the time, this go around I failed.

Hotel At Night.

I made my way up to Novi, Michigan for Furry Connection North. Upon arrival at the Sheraton on Thursday afternoon I checked into my hotel room and then proceeded to unload my vehicle. As I was bringing my stuff in I was stopped in the parking and throughout the hotel where people were calling out my name. The convention had not officially started yet and I was l already being sought out by furry friends and new furries some who I have just at that moment met in person for the first time. I felt like a popufur.
Many people liked my little rolling dolly that they asked if they could borrow it. So being the friendly fur I am I helped them bring in their stuff as well.

After getting the vehicles unpacked I wondered the lobby to see whom else might be around and I ran into my friend Revit and we hung out and talked tech stuff and photos and video.

Ran into Haku who I have never met in person before and is such a nice person. Revit, Haku and I went out for Mexican dinner.

I then ran into some furs from Bloomington and said hello to them and hung out for a while until pre-registration badge pickup. I pre-registered for the Super Sponsor Badge and there were several goodies in the gift bag as seen in the photos. I really like the flask.

Had a nice sipping drink. It was potent! :)

Super Sponsor's Package.

Then for the rest of Thursday I hung out meeting new furry friends and other friends who I was meeting up at the con. I also took pictures since it was a night of mostly meet and greets. The other days of the convention I knew I was not going to be taking pictures for I would be suiting up as BINKS Wolf by day and KRUTCH late at night.

I hung out at the bar and had several drinks bought for me by fellow furry friends. I had my nails painted purple with white paw prints on them. I had many remarks about how cool it was and some people even took pictures. I did it for fun and it worked. Maybe I get other furries to do their nails all the same way at the next con. Start a new trend.

I finished the evening by going down to the dance and hanging out.



Woke up Friday and I had a message on my phone from my friend Alex who lives near where the convention was being held. He said he would come see me and hang out for a little bit if I wanted. Of course I did. I have known Alex for years. I sent him a message to come on over so we could hang out. I then went down for breakfast and got my bowl of fruit so I could be energized for the day ahead.

Wondered the hotel a little bit to check out what was going on and met some more furs. Went to lunch with my friend Mtendo the skunk and his mate Dieze the raccoonl. It was the first time I got to meet Diezel out of suit and all I can say is that he is an awesome person who shares many similar interests as I do.

My best furry buds Tora and Eletee arrived so I helped them bring in their stuff and hung out with them for a bit. I suited up as BINKS Wolf. I wondered the hotel getting hugs, getting pictures taken and so much more furry fun. I hung out with more furry friends for a while some who again I just met. Then needing a rest I went to the sponsor’s lounge and got the free food and drinks for the sponsors.

Getting Ready!

I wondered around some more meeting people, hugging, doing what furries do. I then headed back to the sponsor’s lounge at 5pm and I got FREE beer. They also had Root Beer on tap and it was delicious. I sat there hanging out with fellow friends and furs.

Getting a little tipsy I went and suited down. I took a shower, got some rest and got ready for the evening. Had dinner with more drinks with some furry friends.

My friend Alex called me up and said he was at the hotel. So I met him in the lobby and we wondered the hotel for a little bit and caught up. After some time together he had to leave and go home. So I suited back up as BINKS Wolf and walked him to his car where we said our good-byes. I missed the “Uncle Kage’s Story Hour” but having some time with him was well worth it. He has been overseas making our country safe.

I wondered around the hotel some more and I had a few furs come up to me and ask when KRUTCH was coming out? I told them later tonight. I was asked could it be sooner.

I went back to my room and got out of BINKS Wolf and then I suited up again but this time I went out and wondered the hotel some more as KRUTCH since people were asking for him to come out and play. This was the first time I ever had KRUTCH out at a furry convention. For some reason he was already getting known. I guess people like to see green panthers in a harness. I got lots of positive comments on him and that made me feel really good. I did jokingly get called a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Cat.” I goofed off in the lobby a bit and I was dragged over to the bar. Various furry friends of mine (some who I did not know) bought me a few drinks and KRUTCH enjoyed them drinking through a very long straw. I know someone got a picture of this so if you have it please e-mail it to me.

I wondered the hotel a little bit more, went outside and wondered and goofed off. I then made my way back to my room and after suiting down again I showered and hung out with some fellow Whoozfurs for the rest of the night. We were going to go to “Whose Lion Is It” as we were waiting I was really feeling the effects of being up for two days with little rest and full of booze so I went to bed.



Suited up after breakfast and wondered the hotel as BINKS Wolf with friends and I got many more pictures taken and more hugs. I hung out with Pandez and we had fun getting to know each other better. Taking a break it was almost time for the “Fur Suit Parade” so we went and got ready for that. Since it was raining the parade could not end outside for the group photo. Instead we ended up where the parade started and the group photo was taken in a room full of furries. Not a good idea for the group photo but what can you do? I heard the total count of fur suiters in the parade was 230. I actually messed up at the parade. The conventions theme was Top Secret / Agent and not even thinking about it I could have worn my black SECURITY jacket I had out in my vehicle. It would have been so good to wear and be noticed. Oh well, probably best I did not wear my work jacket anyways.
Walking by.

Uncle Kage Sitting With Us For Dinner & Drinks!

After more suiting, photos, hugs and hanging out I went down to the sponsor’s lounge got more FREE beer and snacks. Then back to more hanging out, wondering the con ect. I headed back to my room to suit down, shower and go get some real food. Had dinner with fellow furries as we were entertained by Uncle Kage who sat with us and drank for a good while. It is always an honor to be noticed and entertained by Uncle Kage.

I put KRUTCH back on for the rest of Saturday. Later in the evening a few of us got together and did some video shooting in our fur suits. When taking a break I was able to take a look at some pup/pet play gear and try it on. Oh my! I want this gear so badly now, just need to find someone who likes to play with this pup, er wolf. Thank you Diezel and Mtendo for letting me try out the gear! WOOF!

Then back to more video shooting that went on until late in the night. After we were done I was headed back to my room. I really do not remember anything from the video shoot to going back to my room. As soon as I closed my door there was banging at the door. It was some of my Bloomington friends who were at a room party right next to mine. I did not even notice the room party or my friends calling out my name when I went to my room. I must have been out of it. So staying in suit not wearing KRUTCH”s head or hand paws I went to the party and drank some more and got to know a pup a little bit better. :)

At the party I talked with some friends, got fondle and dry humped as most of KRUTCH’s suit came off. I was told by one of the people in the room that is was a good show. After that I was in the mood to cuddle and so was a pup. We followed a few furries outside and sat in the garden area with the fire pit rubbing and snuggling each other as we talked. It started to rain so we went into the lobby to continue to talk and snuggle. I kind of wish it would have gone a little further but neither took the chance. Our good friend Kristofur was there and I had to ask him about the famous “Fox Cum” drink I have heard about. He invited us to go sample this drink. He mixed it up and it is a nice creamy white colored drink. I took a shot or two and I can say that “yes, Fox Cum is very delicious!” It was very strong and I finished what was left that nobody else wanted, I could not let it go to waste. That last few shots really, really fucked with me.

After that I said my goodnights to pup and friends and headed back to my room. On my way I ran into some friends who were sitting on the floor outside their room. I remember I was offered some drink to help finish off the bottle. Of course I could not say no and I sat there for a few as we finished off the rest of the drink. I went back to my room, I did not even get out of my suit when I made it back, as soon as I hit the bed I was out.

Group Photo After The Parade.


I woke up to “House Keeping” and told them to go away. I fell back asleep and woke up again and realized what time it was. I got up, showered, packed and checked out of my room just in time. I had blood shot eyes, felt hung over and was just exhausted. I was going to drive home but I was convinced to stay for a little longer. I usually do not stay the last day of a convention since there is not much going on usually. I was really out of it with a massive headache so I agreed to stay.

I hit the “Charity Auction” with some friends and it was fun. Uncle Kage hosted it so he had us laughing. There was an instance where he even made himself laugh so hard his eyes were watering and he spilled his drink.

I later took Haku to the airport. I was going to go home from there but something told me to go back to the con. It may have been the traffic or it could have been the feeling that I did not want to go home. I had a place to crash so going to the room where I could crash I snuggled with my buddy Pandez and fell asleep. It was a good thing I decided to come back to the hotel and take that needed nap. When I awoke several hours later knowing I would not be able to sleep I said some goodbyes and headed home around midnight.



- As I was on my way home I thought of how awesome Furry Connection North was and I was already having post-con disorder missing all the friends and good times had over the weekend.

- I got to know a pup a little bit better and I think I may have feelings for him. I want to get to know him and if things lead into a positive direction, I am going to follow it and see where it can take us. We share similiar interests and though he is a little younger than me I think we might be good for each other. Only time will tell.

- I was asked if I was going to come up with any more characters? As I thought about it there is a character I would like to create but he is a little complex and I know it would cost a bunch to get a proper suit made. All that I will say about this character is that his name will be “icebox” and he is a hybrid mix.

- Overall BINKS Wolf and KRUTCH were a hit. I did realize that since BINKS Wolf is a shy and quiet character. I really need to get a prop for him. In most of the art pieces I have of him he has a red ball so that might be something I will look into or some other prop I can use to make him more interesting. I have no problem with KRUTCH with his orange harness and collar, he is a jumpy all crazy character who people seem to like and lead away for fondeling.

-Let me end my weekend adventure at Furry Connection North by saying I really needed this vacation and it was great fun had by all. The more furry conventions I attend making new friends the more I want to be around these people and have fun but Furry Connection North 2012 is over, until next year keep being furry my friends.

Total attendance: 1,179 members

Fursuit Parade count: 230 fursuiters

Total Charity Donations for Mutts and Mutts Rescue: $5000 ($1,214 in cash, $440 from the poker tournament, $1,975 from the Charity Auction, and $1,371 from the con!)

* If anyone has any pictures of me as BINKS Wolf or KRUTCH please e-mail them to me. *
I know there are not many pictures of KRUTCH. He only came out late at night.

BINKS and KRUTCH will see you all at AnthroCon 2012!

Hugs to all.


To check out the pictures I took click here.

Check out out the music video we did spoofing "Hangover" by Tai Cruz on RevFur's YouTube page.