May 13-15, 2011

In an attempt to fuel the addictive hobby of building a droid, DroidCon was created to organize a builders gathering for R2 Builders from all over the world. DroidCon is not a public event, but is more of a meet and greet gathering of old friends and new builders where we can talk droid, show off our progress and learn from others.

I was lucky enough this weekend to be invited to DROIDCON. All that I can say is that I am impressed with the people who are building various R2-units and more. From the technical to the mechanical I felt that all of these wonderful people were ex-NASA engineers. Much of the technical side of R2-droid building was just way over my head.

As I was there I got to talk to a few of the droid builders and I now have a much greater understanding of what goes on into putting one of the most beloved droids together. I can now say that I am more inspired to actually start working on one of these marvelous droids that can stand in my ever growing collection.

Thank you to all of the Droid Builders who welcomed me with open arms today.

To learn more about Droid Building check out the Droid Builders Website.