"A Slight Disturbance on the Battlefield of Hoth"
Dave Dorman Celebration IV art

In the summer of 2010 I was contacted by the well-known artist Dave Dorman. He informed me that he was looking for someone with a Snowtrooper outfit to use as reference on an upcoming piece he was going to be working on for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration IV. Without hesitation I agreed to meet up with Dave Dorman and pose for him in my Snowtrooper outfit so he could take pictures for reference.

When I met up with Dave Dorman he showed me his studio and just to see so many of his works in person was a real treat. Then he showed me a small black and white sketch of what he had planned for this piece. I suited up and a lot of pictures from all angles, poses, situations and more were taken.

This is the final piece that was created. As you can see this piece is just absolutely amazing. The Darth Vader in this piece is James Tampa (SL1020) and I am all the Snowtroopers which is just an honor.

Some people have asked me what do the reference photos look like. Dave Dorman was kind enough to give me a cd with all the pictures he took of me in my Snowtrooper outfit. I went through and looked at all the pictures that were taken and using my best guess I picked out the photos that I think Dave Dorman used for this piece. I cropped the images so you just see the pose.

Overall this was not only a fantastic experience but a great honor to pose and to be put into a piece of art that will be loved by Star Wars fan everywhere. Thank you very much Dave Dorman.

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These are the cinematic pieces I have of Dave Dorman's work. All hang proudly in my living room.