SanDiego ComicCon, July 2006

Tuesday July 18, 2006
My weeklong trip to SanDiego started with meeting up with John and Eric at the airport. Our flight left Indianapolis to Oklahoma City where the plane made a stop to drop off passengers and pick up some new passengers then the flight resumed to our destination SanDiego.

Upon arriving in SanDiego we hailed a taxi to our hotel, the Marriott that is next to the convention center where ComicCon is held. The taxi driver drove very recklessly and was rude to us. After checking into our room we met up with Dove, Sarah, and crew from DKE Toys. We got our Exhibitor Badges through them for the show. I was under the impression that our badges were coming from Master Replicas not DKE Toys. I did not care what or where our badges said or came from as long as we had our Exhibitor Badge.

My view from my hotel room at the Marriot Hotel, Marina, and Yacht Club.

We helped DKE Toys unload their truck and bring in the items for their booth. After dropping off the many boxes of items for the booth we walked around the massive convention center to see and get a look of the layout. The floor was just covered by people bringing in their stuff, boxes, cables, and more. It was cool to be in the middle of all this commotion. As the day went on booth after booth was starting to slowly get set up. By the end of the first day of setup most booths had just their booth setup but not with any merchandise.

We got to help Master Replicas setup. The prototype Boba Fett Blaster was broken. So it had to be fixed. I am very displeased with how the Boba Fett Blaster is. It is a solid hunk of resin without any moving parts. It is not worth the price that Master Replicas is selling this piece at. It was explained how much time and research went into creating this blaster. The original piece from the Lucas Archives is in terrible shape and is actually falling apart. So some delicate studying of the original item was taken. But for the size and fan based frenzy of Boba Fett I guess they know that fans will pay for such an item. Master Replicas also had for display the Millennium Falcon. This thing is just about or over two feet long. It is a very nice piece. For your knowledge, Brian of Master Replicas said that they identified 90% of the original model parts used on the original Millennium Falcon models. So for those who purchase this massive item need to realize that the item they are getting is only 90% accurate. The Millennium Falcon on display at the show is the prototype that was painted over in China. The base shown for this piece will actually be smaller when released to the public. They also had the Enterprise from the original television show. So far Master Replicas has about $60.000.00 into this wonderful piece.

The Boba Fett Blaster was broken, as you can see it was fixed in time ofr the show!

The Boba Fett Blaster Signature of Jeremy Bulloch aka Boba Fett and Kermit the Frog on my shoulder.

The signature Darth Maul FX Saber signed by Ray Park and the Studio Scale Millennium Falcon

Amy from Master Replica gave me my ticket for the Master Replica Party that will be held on Friday.

After a long day of setting up, taking pictures, and wondering the conventions center John, Eric and I went out looking for the beaches (Pacific Beach, La Jolla Beach) and where is the best surf. As we were sitting in the car Dennis Rodman walked by with his wife or is it girlfriend? After we had finished that we meet up with everybody from DKE Toys and went out for an Italian dinner. After dinner many of us hung out at the pool and talked to get to know each other a bit better since this was the first time I have met these people in person.

When we returned to the hotel I tried to send the pictures I took through e-mail. The wonderful technology that we have unfortunately did not allow me to send any attachments via e-mail. So I turned off the computer and went to bed.

Wednesday July 19th, 2006
Today was just basically a day to finish setting up the convention center. Since we were not needed for this John, Eric, and I went to La Jolla Beech. After donning our wetsuits we rented some surfboards and learned to surf. Eric took lessons while John and I basically messed around and figured it out on our own. After about 30-minutes I finally saw how it was down. Lay flat on the board while waiting for the waves, keep the feet closed in on top of the board (toes resting), paddle with your hands as soon as the wave starts to pick up, and when the wave gets going and you are on top of the wave with your hands push yourself up onto your feet and ride the wave in. When you learn your balance point on the board it gets easier. After some practice I actually rode a wave or two in. After about and hour or so of surfing I took a break and walked the beach in my wetsuit. There are many beautiful people in California. Next year I want to bring a camera with a zoom lens on it so someone can take close-up pictures of us surfing.

With my disposable camera I had one of the girls from Surf Diva's take a few pictures.

After returning to the hotel after the beach we took showers and went over to the convention center. It was preview night so with our exhibitor’s badges we were able to purchase all the items that we wanted or needed. Preview night was very hectic but it seemed all that was able to attend preview night got what they wanted.

Preview night lasted for several hours. We got to talk to people from all walks of life and the convention circuit. I learned a lot and people learned about me. It was a great time had by all. Of course I again took more pictures.

I once again tried to send the images on my camera via e-mail this time through the business center located in the hotel, once again no luck.

Thursday July 20th, 2006

The first day of the SanDiego ComicCon... at 7am I walked over to the convention center since it is just right next store to my hotel and saw thousands of people standing in line waiting to get their badges and get in. As I walked past the people and into the convention center there were some unhappy people.

The typical line outside.

I walked around and talked to people and mainly just did what was asked of me to help. After several hours of working and wondering the convention floor I went back to the hotel and went to the pool. I did get to meet Ken Foree and Sid Haig, two of my horror heroes.

Meeting Ken Foree's and Sid Haig

After a nice break away from people I went back to the convention center and walked around and took more pictures. I needing to get my pictures sent walked over to Kinko’s and paid to use one of their computers to send my pictures through e-mail. After about $40.00 later my images once again would not go through.

That night several of us went out for a Chinese dinner.

That night John and I went to one of the rooms that were screening films and watch the end of “Chronicles of Narnia” and “Batman Begins”.

Friday July 21st, 2006
More people were showing up and many were in costume. Being a costume freak I had to talk to the people about their costumes. I had a few pictures taken of me with some people but mainly I took pictures of them.

Love the fox costumes! Wish I would of had a fur costume to wear?
These costumes were among my favorite at the show.

The girls from Asylum, film company. :)

A girl from Love the ears and her tail. Meooww!

The convention was basically the same as the day before, many people wandering around the convention trying to get their exclusives from toys, comics, props, pictures, art, and so much more. You could hardly take a few steps without stopping. This went on for the whole day. When the convention closed for the day I was very happy. I was just tired of being bumped into by so many people. I did run into my best girlfriend Erica and her extremely fun and crazy roommate Jon. I love the both of them. They are really good people and share many similar interests. When I met up with them at the convention Erica was dressed up as Blue Beetle and Jon was dressed up as Booster Gold! Yeah you read it right, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Their costumes were fantastic.

John (Booster Gold) and Erica (Blue Beetle)

SideShow previewed the life size C-3P0 & R2-D2.

My new woman, Medusa.

At the official Pix booth Carrie Fisher was there signing autographs. Besides Carrie Fisher, T. Morrison (Jango Fett, Clones, and Cody), Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett), and Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) were signing autographs as well.

Well as the convention closed down and everyone was gone I went out for a bite to eat at the Yacht Club that is attached to the hotel with John. We had a few drinks and a burger.

We returned to the room where I tried another way to send my images via e-mail. No such luck with that so I decided that the people who I needed to get the images to would have to wait until I return from SanDiego and send them when I get home, after the convention will be over with.

Later that night John, Eric, and I attended the Master Replica Party. Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) and Amy Allen (Aayla Securra) were there in attendance as was Phillip Wise from RebelScum and Dustin Roberts the new Fan Club President. At the party many items were raffled off. I unfortunately did not win anything. There was one major announcement made at the party. The Millennium Falcon will have a signature series limited to 500 pieces and will cost about $500.00 more than the standard price. Master Replica’s got Harrison Ford (Han Solo) to sign this item. This is Harrison Ford’s first and only licensed Star Wars item he has or ever will probably sign. It will be a treasure for those who can get one. Knowing I could not send e-mails I called up my friend and told him the news so that it could be posted where needed.

As the party went on there were some demonstrations, mingling, and more. I was asked to partake in an FX Lightsaber demo. At first they wanted to go slow to show the people how and what is done. But being somewhat trained in fencing (took classes in college) and martial arts when I was much younger and fit I picked up the pace and I dueled with the professional for about twenty minutes. Many people were very impressed with my somewhat hidden ability. I have not trained for many years but I still got it! They asked me to use two FX Sabers and I declined for I have never trained with two blades.

After that I took a break and sat with Dave Prowse and talked to him a bit. He is saddened that many newer Star Wars fans do not know who he is, Darth Vader. I then mingled and talked with Amy Allen. She remembered me from so many conventions that I have helped with. It was nice to see her again. And with the free open bar, I got a bit more tipsy than usual.

After the Master Replica party John and I went to the bar in the hotel and got another drink and mingled for a bit before turning into bed.

Saturday July 22, 2006
I woke up and went down to the Star Wars Fan Club Breakfast. I talked with my friend Mary Franklin the most wonderful person in the world. Everyone in attendance got a free 501st Stormtrooper action figure, a “Han Shoots First” button, and some advertisements. For the breakfast we were served orange juice with eggs benedict, toast, and fruit.

People from Hasbro, LucasArts, LucasFilm, ect were there. Mary Franklin introduced Dustin Roberts the new Fan Club President. Some people talked about the future of Star Wars and the brands. Hasbro has the license until 2018, a long time…
We were shown the new 2007 extending blade lightsaber. I think it will be pulled off the market very quickly since I believe some kid will poke his or a friends eye out.

Of course there were drawings for door prizes. When everyone thought the door prizes were gone they unveiled one last prize. The Star Wars Celebration 3 Fan Club Banner with Anakin Skywalker’s picture on it. Dustin who has been pulling the tickets for the door prizes pulled out my number. So now I have a huge Star Wars Celebration III banner added to my museum.


After Breakfast I hooked up with the people I came to SanDiego with and we did what we needed to do. I was getting board with the convention and John and I went back to the hotel and took a swim. After a swim I hooked up with some people who I have chatted costuming with over the internet for a long time now. They wanted to do an Avengers Day so I brought my Black Panther outfit to wear with them. This was the first time I wore this costume at a convention. I had lots of fun.


After costuming for a few hours I returned to the hotel and took a shower and then returned to the convention. It was the same, lots of people. I tried to make a phone call with my cell phone and learned that for some reason that my cell phone was no longer getting any bars of reception. You have to love technology. When the convention center closed I went back to the hotel and got ready for the Masquerade show. John and I found Eric who had the tickets and jumped in line. Our friends Wade L. and his girlfriend joined us.

We made our way into the room where the masquerade was being held. There were many fabulous costumes and many of them did a little skit for their costume. Some of the skits were funny and some very dumb. After the costumes were all shown there had to be judging, as the judges made their decisions we were treated to a four-song concert by the great Luke Ski. He is a funny entertainer. I did not stay for the final judging. I went across the way to where they were having a rave party. I mingled for a few hours and met many people while having fun. I had more than a few drinks bought for me by a wonderful girl named Alyssia and a guy named Jay. We made our way back to their room sometime around 3 am.

Sunday July 23, 2006
The last day of the convention and I hardly spent any time at the convention. I mostly slept off the night before and spent time at the pool area with Alyssia and Jay. When I did make it back to the convention there was only about two hours until it shut down for the year. When it shut down many people started their frenzy by ripping down posters, stealing banners, and whatever they could get their grubby little hands on. I helped close down with Master Replica’s booth.

After things were packed and squared away after all the people had gone it was time for dinner. Across the bay there was a concert going on (almost every night) we could see and hear from the hotel room. Anyways we got a bit to eat and then went over to another hotel where John, Eric, and I were invited for a closing party with Master Replicas. We talked a bit about the future such as Celebration IV and their idea for the exclusive. I shot it down and gave them my idea. They liked my idea that now I have wrote out a proposal with images and sent it in. I hope they decide to go with my idea for the Celebration IV Exclusive. It would be a great addition to the old resume. What my idea is I will not say so nobody else steals my idea and design.

Monday July 24, 2006
Still in SanDiego. In the morning I went to the beach, spent some time mailing my items from the convention home, and hung out having fun. I picked up a lot of the freebies and other items. Amazing what trinkets you can amass in a week. I walked the city a bit and then spent several hours at the pool by myself as Eric was sleeping and John went off on a date with a girl he met. Sitting at the pool I ran into Alyssa and Jeff who I met at the Rave Party and spent the night with in their room. We went and sat in the hot tub and talked. I got a nice back rub and then we decided to go for a walk down the walkway where all the shops and tourist things are along the waterfront. We went down the way to where there is a little park. We sat there under a big tree looking at the water, watching the boats going by, talking and getting to know each other better. It was amazing that nobody felt weird that we all slept together and had a nice little three-some.

I was asked about my tattoos and I told them what they mean to me and Jay explained to me about his tattoo which is a blue dragon on his left shoulder. We chatted some more and the time was going by. We said our goodbyes and I returned to my hotel room and took a shower. This is the first time at a convention I have ever connected with someone else like this and it was with two people. I am not sure what it was but there must have been something in the air. In all honesty I wanted to hook up with someone during ComicCon and I did. I really wish I would have met Jay and Alyssa earlier in the week.

Tuesday July 25, 2006

Time to leave SanDiego. Still no bars of reception on my phone I never figured out what was going on with my phone or laptop. I did spend just over $100.00 at different places trying to send images. After I packed up what I had left in the hotel room we made the way to the airport and flew home. On the airplane I thought about what has happened this past week. I will definitely be going back to ComicCon

It was estimated that something like 120,000 people attended ComicCon for 2006 the largest turnout ever and it keeps growing every year.

Upon returning home I had lots of e-mails, business, and work to attend to. Most of it will have to wait until I can get some rest. Amazingly I can now send out my pictures I took while in SanDiego on my desktop and my phone has four bars of reception. The bad thing is my laptop caught a virus and it is toast.