Somebody recasted my Clonetrooper Belt and Belt Boxes.

They say imitation is flattery. Well that may be the case for some things but when it comes to recasting someone else’s hard work and then selling it is frowned upon. I really do not care in this instance since I am not selling the belt and belt boxes that I made but I do feel it is wrong for the person to do what he or she is doing.

To let you know I did make a few of my Clonetrooper belts and belt boxes for a few people who asked me to. Those are the only ones that I made.

I think if you purchase something and want to recast it for your own personal use I think that is all right. But if you purchase something and recast it to make several copies of it to sell I think that is absolutely wrong.

It was brought to my attention that someone was selling Clonetrooper Armor on Ebay and with it was my belt and boxes. At first I thought maybe it was a set I sold to someone and the decided not to use it. Nope I was wrong. Whoever this person is selling the Clonetrooper Armor has now have had several sets of the Clonetrooper Armor up for sale. I looked at it and yes indeed those are copies of my Clonetrooper belt and boxes.

These are two pictures off of Ebay that the seller was saying he used to make molds. Those belt boxes are mine.

I did some investigating and this is what I found. The seller is from Australia and has a website.

This is a screen capture of the website.

This is the image as seen on the website.

Here is a close up of just the belt and boxes.

If you look at the following pictures you will see my original wooden belt boxes that I made for vacuforming along with it vacuformed.

My wooden belt boxes.

My vacuformed belt and boxes.

You can clearly see that they are in fact copies of my Clonetrooper belt and boxes.