Boba Binks: who, what, huh?

Boba Binks

Who or what is "Boba Binks?"

"Boba Binks" is the name I use for online forums. If you cannot tell "Boba Binks" is derived from two different Star Wars characters: Boba Fett and Jar Jar Binks. How and why I choose this name to use for myself. “Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace” just came out to theaters. During this time Boba Fett seemed to be the one character that most Star Wars fans really liked or loved. Jar Jar Binks on the other hand was the one character that everyone beside myself seemed to have a strong disliking or hatred for.

I decided to take the most beloved of Star Wars character and the most hated of Star Wars character and combined the two. I came up with “Boba Binks the most feared Bounty Hunter on Naboo.” I thought it was an ingenious name. Of course I got lots of flake from people who really hated Jar Jar Binks and loved Boba Fett. I was told it was an outrage to combine the two characters into one. That is what I was looking for, a name that everyone including his or her grandmother would recognize.

Not only has this name of "Boba Binks" given me popularity both good and bad but also when someone in the Star Wars community mentions "Boba Binks" they know exactly whom they are talking about.

The image on the left is something I created when I came up with the name of Boba Binks in 1999. I took an image of Boba Fett and put Jar Jar's head on it.

Boba Binks

This is a sharpie drawing that an artist sketched for me at the Kansas City, Planet ComicCon in March of 2010.

It measures 17" tall X 11" wide.

He asked me what Boba Binks was and I told him and in about ten minutes he sketched this out for me. I think it is a great drawing.

I do not remember the artists name but if I find out who it was I will be sure to post it here so he can have credit for his work.

Boba Binks

At the December 2010 Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA I saw a 501st member / artist who had several trading card size Star Wars drawings that he had done. I ask him if he could create a Boba Binks card for me and he drew this for me.

Here I am with the artist. I do not remember the artists name but if I find out
who this is I will be sure to post it here so he can have credit for his work.

Boba Binks

My friend Jason Ujvari did this piece for me. He is a member of the Great Lakes Garrison up in Michigan where I first met him at Motor City ComicCon.

I contacted him and told him what I wanted and he said he would create a bad ass looking Boba Binks for me. I have to say that he is correct, this is one bad ass looking Boba Binks. I even like how he went a step further and recreated the Fett Skull and gave a Gungan look to it.

It measures 10" tall X 8 " wide.

You should view his other work on his site.

Boba Binks

My artist and director friend Terence Muncy from Warbranch Productions made this image of Boba Binks for me.

It measures 8" tall X 10.5" wide.

Boba Binks

This piece of Boba Binks was created by Brent Woodside and measures 11" X 17". As you can see he is a wonderful artist. He sent a sketch to me to make decisions on, after I suggested some things he went with it and along the way communicated with me. He is very accomadating to get what you want.

Check out more of Brent's work on his site and other examples posted here.

This is a piece created by Jon Kulczar and measures 8" X 10". I saw this artist at a convention and his "furry" style caught my attention. So I asked if he would create an image of Boba Binks for me and he did.


He is also the creator of Wicket and Imp books. A very funny reading material for mature adults.

I am always looking for artists who want to draw up Boba Binks.
If you are interested please contact me.