AnthroCon is the world's largest convention for those fascinated with anthropomorphics, which are humanlike animal characters. Taking up four area hotels and perhaps more there is something to enjoy for all who attend from the artists, animators, writers, costumers, puppeteers and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals and their kin. Do not forget about the fursuiters! There will be a lot of them wondering about as well.


I made the decision that I would attend AnthroCon 2012. Having never been and have been told by many furries that I have to go at least once as it is kind of a pilgrimage for furries all over the world. Upon arrival to AnthroCon and parking the car I got parking space 366. In the furry community this is actually kind of a funny number due to a video titled Room 366.

What really made me decide that I wanted to attend AnthroCon is what has transpired this past year with a restaurant called Fernando’s or Furnando’s during AnthroCon. If you do not know the story please go look it up. Lets just say that Fernando’s was going to close after many, many years of service. Why is this a big deal? Fernando’s was the first business to open up their doors and welcome furries from all over the world to Pittsburg. Furries have a very special place in their warm fuzzy hearts for Fernando’s. Again please go look up the story about Fernando’s it is really heart touching and it is why furries are simply the best out there.

Ok anyways I attended AnthroCon 2012 with my mate, DrakinPup or just Pup. Our artist friend Shannon also came with us. In my hotel room I had two other roomies who are very good friends of mine the ever-popular video master Revit and techie Grrxyn aka Anubis.

After checking in and settling down we all went to Furnando’s for dinner but it is temporarily called FURRYLAND Café during AnthroCon and for reasons that furries rock and helped out the best-toasted sub and lasagna wrap shop in Pittsburg.  The food was excellent and everyday we had one of our meals at FURRYLAND Café.

I brought my camera but since this is a furry con I hardly took any pictures due to the fact I was in suit most of the time as BINKS Wolf or KRUTCH. I did take a few with my camera and you can view them here. There were so many cute and cuddle furries at AnthroCon that someone could have a fuzzy overload. I have never seen so many furries in one location before. Just in the fursuit parade on Saturday there were 1,044 suiters not including those who did not participate in the parade (myself included).


I suited up as BINKS Wolf during the days and KRUTCH at nights and wondered the hotel and surrounding areas for most of the time with my friends. At the ZOO I ran into Firr who was suited up in one of his fursonas making doodle sketches. So he sketched one of me, BINKS.  It is very cute.  I have to say that Firr is if not the best furry dj’s out there. He is a showman, keeps the crowd pumped and knows how to keep the beats playing. You should attend one of his sets sometime you will not be disappointed.


During the time I was at AnthroCon I partook in several panels, dances (watching and listening to the music), meeting people, getting lots of pictures taken as BINKS Wolf and KRUTCH and just having a great time with friends old and new. Some of the things that will be remembered are that I went to the Fernando’s thank you party hosted by 2 The Ranting Griffin and Uncle Kage. It was a small meet and greet and a thank you from Fernando himself. It was very touching.


One thing I was bound to do was get a dermouse from dershep from the awesome duo of Lav and Der (lavender). If you do not know what this is, it is a white mouse that depshep has around his neck. To get one you have to find him, give him a hug and basically steal a mouse off of him. I got #582 and was very happy to finally get a dermouse.


I met a lot of people and made new friends. I had one person come up to me and say “Holy Shit! It is the legendary BINKS Wolf.” He shook my hand and told me it was an honor for him to get to meet me and he got a picture with me. I have no idea who this person is, why he said what he said but it is an honor and thank you. If you read this please send me a copy of the photograph. I would really appreciate it.



AnthroCon was a very friendly atmosphere say for a few douchebags who really should have been escorted away. It was for the most part a very family friendly convention. You could not wonder anywhere without seeing a fursuiter.


Anthrocon raised a new record total of $20,656 for Hello Bully.


I had a lot of fun for my first time attending AnthroCon and I have already decided that next year I will be attending again. I cannot wait.  A big thank you to the city of Pittsburgh for being a wonderful host city.




Attendance: 5,179 attendees

Number of artists in Artists' Alley: 212


If you have any pictures of BINKS Wolf or KRUTCH please e-mail them to me or let me know where I can download them if you posted.