B-Movie Celebration in Franklin, IN.

With Troma! We love Lloyd.

Me and a wonderful Sea Creature that caught me.


The Sandtroopers.com booth.
Wizard World, Chicago 2007

Sandblast Winner getting her item signed by my friend Doug
Wangler, (Quinlan Vos). I am the dirty Sandtrooper on the right.
Wizard World, Chicago 2007

With Michael Madsen at Wizard World Chicago 2007.
I am the Sandtrooper on the far right of this picture.

David, Jon, & Terence at the end of Wizard World 2006.

David, Erica, & Terence at the end of Wizard World 2006.

A tree that I like to say is Dagobah!

At St. Pete Beach!

David and Erica - Christmas 2005

Eric, David, and Terence - Christmas 2005

Sitting on top of a turtle at the St. Pete Pier

Sawgrass park, St. Petersburg Florida

This is the Rusciano Pictures crew who
came over to my home to film Carbonite.

Shaking hands with George (Not George Lucas)
in front of my Celebration 2 Card I created for the Star
Wars Celebration II that was held in Indianapolis in 2002.

Here I am showing off a really cool wetsuit that my friend Jason
let me borrow while spending the weekend at his home that is on lake Shaffer. I really like this type of wetsuit, the fit was perfect and I just love the Black and Silver coloring. Very Cool! The jetski is also one of Jason's. We spent most of the day on the water. (2002)

Lots of people seem to like this picture of me.
It was taken when I was looking up at something, I do not remember what. I omitted the background and added in the sky. (2002)

Here I was before going out for a night with some freinds. These are not my pair of silver pants. I have been told me that I look good in silver. So I was basically forced to wear them this night. I omitted the background.
Yes, I like the silver pants
. (2003)

This is me wrestling. I blurred my opponents face since I did not get permission from him to post this picture. (1999)

Here I am Scuba Diving in 2001.
I am PADI certified.

Here is a picture that many people really like.
It think it was taken back at the end of 2001.

My friend Amy Allen (Aayla Secura) from Star Wars Attack of the Clones and Me. (2002)

Me with Nalini Krishan (Barriss Offee) and Mary Oyaya (Luminara Unduli) from Star Wars Attack of the Clones. (2002)

Last day of Celebration II. Alan (Plo Koon and others) and I are ready to get the hell out of there and get a long deserved drink.

Getting an autograph from Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti) at Wizard's World Chicago 2004.

Getting an autograph from Rena Owem (Tuan We voice) at Wizard's World Chicago 2004.

Getting an autograph and hand shake from Mathew Wood (General Grievous voice) at Star Wars Celebration III in Indy 2005.

Posing with Bodie Taylor (Jango Clone) after getting an autographat at Star Wars Celebration III in Indy 2005.
He made the comment on how he loved my eyes.
Thank you Bodie!

The Sandtroopers.com Crew at Star Wars Celebration III in Indy 2005.

The NiubNiub crew for the Diorama Builder's
at Star Wars Celebration III in Indy 2005.

If you look in the green square on the right hand side you can see part of me
helping set Dan's (on the left) Outlander Club Diorama at Celebration III.
Star Wars Insider Issue82 page 12.

Here I am just resting on the trail while out.