"When you spend your entire life living in secret of who you really are you learn to stop trusting other people. It becomes second nature."
Mikey - Queer as Folk.

D.O.B.:March 7 - So that would make me a Pisces.

Education: I believe that education is a never ending process. I do have my degree in Visual Communications / Multimedia Specialty with Business Practice Skills. I have an extensive Fine Arts background with a background in Art History. If I could I would make a life out of being a student.

My dog Maxi. Passed on December 31, 2004

Favorite Color(s):
Earth Tones (Greens, Blues, and Oranges) also like Black, Silver, Blood Red, and Dark Purple.

Tattoos: I currently have four tattoos inked on my body. Would I get another tattoo(s)? I can't say yes or no at this time. It is something that just comes about with time. To me a tattoo is something meaningful to the person who wears it. If it is not meaningful, then why bother!?! Remember, a tattoo is for life

My first tattoo of a shark that I have on my left ankle area. I got inked on my 18th birthday. I have a love for the open water and sharks are something that I have always had a fond respect for. My second tattoo is inked on my back. It is of a tribal gecko that I designed in the shape of the letter "S". Geckos are wonderful creatures. they are more than what they first appear. The third but not going to be my last tattoo is the Batman Beyond logo inked on my right belt line. I am a Batman fan and I just really enjoy this logo. So yes, I can say "I am Batman". My fourth tattoo is for my mother who passed away April 24, 2010. I designed a yin-yang (in preference to the idea of balance) sitting in a lotus (representing enlightenment), with a aura flame (rebirth).

Body Piercing: Currently just the ears, two in each lobe.

Personality and Interests: Creative, Soft Spoken, Self Motivated, Over Caring, Responsible, Adventurous, Resourceful, Friendly, Respectful, Understanding, Open Minded, and Patient to an extent. Those are some of the words that have been used to describe me. Though at times I do seem aloof. Common sense is a must when you are around me. I do hate to repeat myself.

I am one of those quiet people that some would say to be careful of, but do not worry you have nothing to fear from me. When out in public I do not like to be the center of attention unless I am in costume at a convention, working, or in some situation that would require me to have attention.

Usually I just sit back and observe my surroundings. I try to take in and enjoy what is around me. When out or about people I usually just let people do what they are going to do. I have learned that once people make up their mind that they are going to do something, they usually follow through with it. I have mostly given up on trying to change people's minds. People will do what they want to do for better or worse. Now do not get me wrong. On a rare occasion if I observe someone about to attempt something that is not right or just plain stupid I will speak up and interject. I will try to get that person to talk to me and see if I can then help them out and change their mind from doing that stupid thing that they are about to do.

I consider myself a pacifist. I do not like violence in anyway in the real world. In Film, Television, Books, that is a different story. I know it is out there but I choose not to display such acts in my life. It is not in my nature. In my lifetime I have seen more than my share of violence, hate, bigotry, ignorance, and unfortunate mishaps. Some would say I am naive about such behavior but it works for me. I do not raise my fists in anger to strike anyone. I do not start trouble for the sake of it. I think if people can just let petty disagreements or dislikes go and live life on a positive side that this world would be a better place.

Let me say this about my view on life. If someone treads on my beliefs or says or does anything that offends me I will use my voice and let them know how I feel. Be forewarned when I do loose my composure (seldom that it may be) and voice my opinion in a state other then my non-violent, soft-spoken nature you better watch out. I have lost my temper enough times to be counted on one hand and still have fingers left to be counted on. It is a state of being that I do not like and would like to never show again anytime soon.

I get along and work well with others around me even if they do not get along and work well with others. I have been told that I have a strong influence among those around me. Many a time I have been group leader since I have strong organization skills and get the task at hand completed when required. I have been told I have good Karma.

Many people have told me that I am real good with my hands. I cannot argue there. I build, sculpt, paint, and more. I am versatile. I love to work with my hands. Traditional Art Skills are something that comes natural to me. I enjoy Visual Arts from Production Design, Building things (such as models, sets, costumes and props) , and more. Creating something out of nothing is what I do best. I guess one way to put this is I am a scratch builder.

I love to be able to escape the real world for a short time. I enjoy becoming someone or something else. Yes I have an interest in being an actor. So far in my time I have partaken in a few television commercials, being an extra in televison shows, helped out on some independent films, to being a lead male role in an independent film, to being an extra in big budget films. I have taken still photography for independent films, created props, and costumes. I can only hope that my experience in visual entertainment field will lead me to more roles in a Hollywood budgeted movie. One of my dreams is to play a full body suit / makeup creature in a big Hollywood film project. Yes, I am a creature boy. To get away and be something you are not even for a little while is fantastic. Yes I am also a furry, the good kind. I have two fursonas: BINKS Wolf (partial) BINKS Wolf (full) and KRUTCH.

I am the type of person who will try just about anything for the experience. Yes I have done some things that I am not proud of but hey! Who has not done something that they are not proud of? It is life and we learn from those experiences. I would have rather of done something that I was not suspose to do rather then not doing it and regretting it later in life. Like it is said "Do not mock it until you have tried it".

I love being in the water from swimming, scuba, jet sking, (I have tried to surf), and more. I love to be outside to enjoy Mountain / Off Road Biking, Hiking, taking the motorcycle out, or just relaxing under a tree. I also enjoy Photography, Music, going to the Movies, Roller Blading, Long walks at the Art Museum, and living life to the max. I like having a good time. I need to get out more and enjoy this world of ours.

I love to figure out solutions to problems. Give me a problem to a situation and I will sit down and figure out some sort of solution.

I also enjoy philosophical and out of the ordinary deep thought conversations. Knowing what others feel, think, or believe in gives me a greater understanding of the way the world acts. I like to see what other people's views are. Opinions are what make this world great. There is always something going on and someone always has something to say about it. I like to know my surroundings. I do not like to step on anybody's toes unless I have to. I have said "There is no Right or Wrong. They are just victims of circumstance."

Another thing about myself is that I do not like to use contractions when I am speaking or writing.

I have been told that sometimes I am like a cockroach, I can get into your head and it is hard for you to get me out of there.

Touch! To me the sense of touch, to feel and caress something to get to know what it is, is my all time favorite sense. Sure smell, taste, sight, and sound are all relevant but to touch something makes it real to me. I can remember something so much better by the feeling it gives.

Favorite Movie(s): I like to sit back and watch a good film whether it be Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Drama, to Horror. I like the Star Wars Saga, Star Trek movies, The Lord of the Rings saga, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, How To Train Your Dragon, Event Horizon, TRON, TRON Legacy, The Exorcist, Willow, Pirates of the Caribbean saga, The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, The Lion King, TMNT, Bolt, and more. I will admit that I am man enough to cry while watching a good emotional film. I am a sucker for animated films.

I despise all of those so called "Reality" shows. There is nothing real about them.

Overall I am an advocate for the K.I.S.S. method. Keeping It Simple Stupid. Keeping things simple is always the best way to go. That way everyone can understand and appreciate what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Do not try to make things complex it will only lead to confusion and argument.

Music: I like everything from Abba to ZZ Top. But none of the Rap Crap. My music collection is mostly soundtracks from movies to instrumentals.

Comics: I no longer read comics. I would have to say my two favorite comic characters are Batman and Spiderman.

Religion: I was raised as a (confused) Catholic. I am probably one of the more straightest gay guys that you will ever meet. For the longest time I had to hide who I really am. I will admit one of my biggest fears is being beat down by a bunch of homophobes.

I do not consider myself religious. I do consider myself real world enlightened. I have a hard time dealing, believing, accepting what any church (religion) has been teaching. Much of what is taught seems far-fetched to me.

Why should I believe in what the church teaches when the church does not practice what they teach? I do believe that there are powers and forces out there that we do not comprehend or could even start to understand. Believing in something out of fear of the consequences is not a healthy way to live life. I believe if we just respect each other for who we are that is good enough. For in the end when our time comes to an end, it is over no matter what you believe.

When I attended Church, our priest was very nice and I talked to him when I had trouble accepting the terms that I was gay. He said something along the lines of: “God loves all his children and he will not turn you away. God made you the way you are because God knows you are up to the challenge of being a gay man in this world of ours. When it is your turn to stand before God he will welcome you into his kingdom with open arms.

Dress: casual, mostly just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I do not like to get dressed up all the time but when the time calls for it I like to look good. I want to be comfortable with what I wear. I believe being comfortable makes you feel more confident in day to day life. Thus making you a more happy person. I do not buy into the latest styles that the media and malls tell you what to wear. Be yourself do not be like everyone else. That is boring.

Other Specific Information:

Waist Size - 33" current Height - 5' 9" Weight - 195lbs current
Eye Color - Green Hazel Hair - Black Body Type - Need to exercise a lot more.
Facial Hair - Clean Shaven Body Hair - Average, trimmed Health - Good, with High Blood Pressure
Drink - Light Casual Drinker Smoke - No Status - In a relationship

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