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What can I say? I was lucky enough to be part of Transformers 3. Many of the extras and crew I have had the privilage to work with before on other projects. I can say with out a doubt that Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon is going to be better than the previous two films.

As I got called up to Chicago I got to be an extra for one day as a soldier wearing the basic gear, not the really cool black Nest team gear. I got to have this opportunity by being from a family that is military, plus I use to be an avid paintball player. I can run, jump. dive, shoot a gun and not be afraid to do what is needed when explosions are going off all around you. I remember it was a lot of fun running down the street following the other soldiers (some were real) shooting at things that were not there. We only had direction what to do and I just know when this film is completed it is going to be outstanding.

I got called back again for Transformers 3 but this time in Hammond, IN near Gary. I spent three and a half days using my 2004 Honda Element on some really cool scenes on the interstate that involved car chases, explosions, flipping vehicles more explosions and so much more. Unfortunatley there was an accident where another driver was severely injured. I am not going to go into it but it was an accident that halted production for the rest of the day and the next. The stuff that was filmed I know will be very spectacular on screen.

One day while filming the interstate scenes I was asked if I wanted to do more and become more involved with the production. I thought about it for like three seconds and said yes. For one day I became a PA (Production Assistant) on the set of Transformers 3. It was a lot of work but it gave me a bit more experience that I can always use and learn from to make myself a better and stronger person.

On a side note, while working on Transformers 3 my mentor Ivan Rogers passed away. When I got the news I was upset but I could not let that get in the way with my involvement on this production. While on a break I was parked near the camera crew who was waiting on instructions on setting up the next shot. One of the camera guys who was extremely freindly saw me sitting alone on the side of the road and approached me. He asked how I was doing ok and we talked and I told him about my mentor passing away. When I said the name of Ivan Rogers, Micheal Bay who was standing nearby turned and looked in our direction. Later that day someone came up to me and said that Michael Bay sends his condolencess.

Working on Transformers 3 not only made me a stronger person but it also allowed me to live and move on with life. I learned no matter what it is, it is not who or what you are or do, but who is around you when you choose to do it. I made many new friends on the set of Transformers and hope to work with them again. We became family. At night back at the hotels several of us hung out and chatted and those were some of the more memorable moments for me. From the top to the bottom of the chain of command everyone was respected and appreciated as long when it came time to work, you worked 110%. I believe all of us did.

I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with three of the Autobots: Bumblebee (yellow Camaro), Sideswipe (silver Corvette Stingray Centennial) and Dino (red Ferrari 458 Itallia). They are very serious actors but kind and humble enough to allow you to approach and admire their technology. Bumblbee likes to play jokes on the other cast and crew but is very serious when the cameras rolls.

It was not only a pleasure but an honor to work with everyone who made Transformers 3.