The Beast
A&E Televison Series
Patrick Swayze plays an unorthodox FBI veteran training a new partner, Ellis played by Travis Fimmel, who starred in ABC's 2003 series Tarzan. Swayze's character is under investigation by a secret Internal Affairs team that wants Mr. Fimmel's character to spy on his partner as part of the inquiry.

Episode #6 "Hothead" Original Air Date February 19, 2009
The partners pursue a rouge FBI agent who trained with Barker (Patrick Swayze). Ellis (Travis Fimmel) goes undercover to track his moves while Barker searches for the man's former girlfriend, whom Barker also dated.

I got to be a background body for this scene in "The Beast". The yellow arrow points me out. I did not get to meet Patrick Swayze at this
time. I did get to quickly say hello and shake hands with Travis Fimmel who is doing a wonderful job as Ellis. This show has a lot to offer
and I hope that I will be asked to come up and do some more on this show. I would love to be an FBI agent up close in the action.

As I was on set I got to watch the behind the scenes on how a televisoin show is produced. It is not much different from working on a video / film.
It was nice to be able to see the script supervisor(s) at work since I had done that job in the past. I got to ask some question and was invited to hang
out and watch for awhile. I also got thown into some other scens but I did not see them in this episode. A great learning experience. Thank you cast and
crew of "The Beast" I hope to work with you some more in the future.

More will come as I have been offered to come back and fill in as a body again. I just need to get screen captures of those episodes if anyone can help me out.

Unfortuantely due to the passing Patrick Swayze this show will not have a second season.