Leah Not Leia
Karmic Courage Productions in collaboration with Inverted Staircase Productions

The story of a baby born at the height of the STAR WARS frenzy grows up with a name similar to that of a Jedi Princess that wasn't allowed to wear underwear.

As Script Supervisor on this project I have nothing but great things to say about the entire cast and crew. Not everything ran as smoothly or as expected but the entire cast and crew did not complain. All of us just took a deep breathe and worked through it helping each other out along the way. Everyone was friendly to each other and I believe many new friends were made amongst the people.

An example of such teamwork within the crew was as Script Supervisor I need to be able to see what the camera sees so I can check for continuity, shadows, placement, ect. When there was not a monitor present I had to depend on the camera operator to help check for any issues. Great team work from everyone on this project is going to make it a great finished project.

Reviewing the script before shooting.

David and Griff.

Reviewing at the restaurant.

What? Look over there!

Just timing something out.

Look for "Leah NOT Leia" coming to DVD soon!