Creature Productions

KIN is a story of sibling serial killers and the three-day killing spree that got them caught.

My friend Erica Heflin wrote and directed this project as well plays Moonshine the sister character to Christian whom I play.

Jon, Jeremy, Erica, Terence, and I

This project started off in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to finish production in the St. Petersburg and Tampa Florida area. Due to some scheduling conflicts,  a pregnancy, and more production has halted on this project. I can only hope that production will resume real soon.

The character I play is Christian who can do no wrong with Mama but is scolded by everything he does by Pa. Pa wants Christian to take care of his sister Moonshine who can do no wrong in Pa’s eyes.Both Moonshine and Christian just want to please Ma and Pa and they set out on a killing spree that gets them caught.

In this scene Moonshine just killed an unexpected person and
Christian pulls the body out of the vehicle.

Here I am in this scene pointing a gun at one of the tortured victims
while Moonshine plays with him.

In the story there are lots of psychological levels and moods. To play such a character that is way off the beaten path of my own personality was a major change of pace. After some of the killings I had to perform I had to walk away and be left alone to get back into a proper mindset. When completed this project will be fantastic. It is sick and twisted packed with lots of blood, killings, and the occasional humor. Violent as it may be I believe this is one to keep for the record books.

Here I am on top of one of my victims after I just beat his face to a bloody pulp.