In the small town of Darksyde, Mike Torrance (Max Culbertson) is suffering. His finance Crystal Williams (Suzanna Hartzell) has recently died in an automobile accident.
Just as he begins to believe thta he can take the pain no more he uncovers a dark secret to his family's past and unleashes a vile curse on the town of Darksyde.

"Hell Walks The Earth" is WarBranch Productions first motion picture. I was happy to help out as I could on this project as still photographer, zombie extra, and at the last minute the drunk at the police station. This project for an independant project turned out rather well and has a cult following. Shot in black and white this project is a throwback to the old day of zombie movies, fun, goofy, and eye candy all done over the top.

This project was shot all around the Indianapolis, Indiana area. One notable location is the historic Hannah House.

The image quality is not the best in the following pictures. I took them with my digital camera off of the television as I paused the movie.

Zombies in the distance.

Come on you drunk!

Sit down and wait.

Bringing in another.

Listening to the conversation.

Hey baby!

What is even cooler about this project was that WarBranch Productions got Form30 to create the music for this project. The title song was done so well that a music video was shot where once again I took several still pictures. You can view the Hell Walks The Earth music video here.

And finally, "Hell Walks The Earth" is available to rent from various local video stores.