Hell Walks The Earth
-Take One-

"Hell Walks The Earth" has gone through many changes until it reached the finalized version that is out on DVD.

At the beginning there was a different cast, crew, ect. It was a shame that some people had some disagreements and threw a wrench in the project but in the end it was for the best. You do not need to be working with people who can be down right rude and childish.

Scott, Ashley, Me, and Erica.

Rich, Erica, and Me.

I as usual helped out where I could. I even got bloody and acted in this project which was really fun, too bad most of the footage from this project has gone missing. From what is left there was just enough to throw together a small and choppy prequil as you will which is titled "Zombie Skull". You can view ACT 1 and ACT 2 that was thrown together by Scott.

There were some really nice special effects at the start of the long road of what would become the final "Hell Walks The Earth". We rigged up a really nice gunshot to the head when shown to Tom Savini at a horror convention praised us for our work. That is a nice compliment coming from what many consider the best special effects and makeup person there is.

Phil with the skull.

Tearing of the face!

Though mostly lost, this was a time to remember, a time to learn, and a time to grow.