Macht Movie Productions LTD.

"Their Journey, Their Story, Their Way Of Life...."

Yes I am a Star Wars geek and many in this Universe of ours knows it. Not only do I collect toys, statues, props and replicas but I also have armor that I troop in at various events and work for the website where I make several visual guides for them. Oh and I guess the most important thing to know about is that I am the worlds one and only true Jar Jar Binks fan. Yes Jar Jar Binks is my favorite Star Wars character which once you watch this dvd will see why I have cause much controversy in the Star Wars / Force Balance.  

I went up to the Chicago area to be interviewed and recorded for this project along with other members of Not only did I make some new friends in this venture but I also made enemies due to my liking of Jar Jar Binks. Just remember without Jar Jar Binks there would be no Empire. 

Anyways back on track…To learn more about The Force Among Us please visit their website

You can also view several images and my report that I took at the red carpet premiere where several fans young and old came out for an evening of fun in a galaxy so near. 

May The Force Be With You!