Black Forest Productions

This was a productoin a long time in the making. This was going to be Black Forest Productions first major motion project. There was a script, cast, props, special effects, costumes, crew, and more. This project was almost ready to begin filming but unfortunately due to unseen circumstances the production was halted which was a shame since this horror movie had potential. As you can see from the images below the creature effects looked really amazing.


The gang hanging out.

Me, COWBOY, and Erica in the shop.

Me and COWBOY in the shop.

I helped on this project where I could. I did makeup, special effects, props, costumes, helped organize the paper work and more. It was a never ending process to get this project up and running but again due to some unseen circumstances this project was halted, I can only hope the one day with the proper budget and crew this project will once again come to fruition.