That pesky Edward Nigma is hiding puzzles all over Gotham for the Caped Crusader to wrap his Bat-brain around, that involves finding trophies, rescuing victims, solving riddles, and destroying various objects.

In the Arkham Sseries of Batman games, the Riddler has his trophies all around. I wanted one and now I have one. I got mine in kit form from GeekFabLab. You can order one here.

This is the Riddler Trophy in kit form as I asked. The reason I wanted it in kit form was my original idea was to make the gears rotate using a motor. But as I worked on this project I knew that was not going to happen. So I made modifications as I saw fit to come up with my Riddler Trophy.
I started with the base of the trophy. You can see I cut out the back slit for one of the gears to go through.
My next step was to mark where I would need to drill holes to put the detail pieces in thetrophy base.
I used reference images of the actual Riddler Trophy you could purchase (long sold out).
I carefully drilled out each and every little hole.
I did not use rivets like I originally wanted to. I thought thay they might break the plastic. So instead I used plain nail heads. I have to cut each one off. It took some time but it had to be done.
Then I carefully superglued each and every nail head into the base. It took some time but again it had to be done.
I also made a template for the top piece and marked and drill the holes and inserted in the nail heads.
The stand for the trophy was not accurate enough for me. The back legs are suspose to go on the top ledge of the base and not on the inside of the trophy base. So I removed them. Then with some wooden dowel rods I recreated the legs for the middle piece.
I then marked it, glued the legs to the middle base. This is not ready for later.
I painted the legs black and glued the middle section pieces together. I then glued the assembled middle section to the base of the trophy. Now it is looking a little more accurate.
I started making stands for the gears since they had no way of being installed to the trophy. This gear that sticks out of the base will actually rotate.
I painted the three gears silver for a base coat. As you can see here this is how the gear units will fit into the trophy.
I also made two little boxes for the wires to have a place to plug into. I then primed and got everything ready for assembly and painting.

Here are the parts of the trophy base along with the gear units all painted up.

Now it is time to start assembling this thing.

This is the base unit of the Riddler Trophy. It is time to install the gear units.
Here are the three gear units being installed into the trophy base. It is coming along nicely.
I then glued in the two wire cables that go into the top middle section and the two plug boxes I made.

I then painted up the green ?

Time to install it into the Riddler Trophy and I do believe it is complete.

I am very happy with how this project of the Riddler Trophy turned out.

It will look fantastic on display in my ever growing Batman collection.

So the question is will the Riddler be proud of this?

Makes you wonder, as the Riddler would say
"Riddle Me This!?!