Joker Motorcycle Helmet


Being a fan of The Dark Knight and The Joker being one of my favorite villians on top of being a motorcycle rider I wanted a Dark Knight inspired helmet. I could not find one that is still available so I decided to upset the order, cause some chaos if you will and paint up my own helmet.

I purchased a Bilt motorcycle helmet from one of my local Motorcycle shops. I wanted an all white helmet so when I started on this project I would have a blank canvas to start with.
I removed the clear visor and as much of the interior padding as I could. Then I masked off the entire helmet and sanded it down so there was no glaze on the helmet surface. I even removed the Bilt logo from the front and rear of the helmet. It was a chore to sand those off. I decided to leave the DOT Certified logo sticker on the helmet. I just did not feel comforable removing that.

After I had sanded down the helmet and cleaned it really good with rubbing alcohol to get all the sanding dust off the helmet I had the task of trying to figure out where I wanted my decals to be placed on the helmet.

I got the decals online from Red Bubble. I purchased all The Dark Knight Joker stickers they had or that I thought would work for this helmet project.

This is how the helmet was looking with the decals placed on. I Originally thought about having a white helmet but as I looked at it I knew this was not going to do. It needs color.
With various colors of paint, I brushed on the colors very half-hazardly. I wanted the colors to look chaotic as if the Joker himself painted up this helmet. One thing I was not happy with was the front/mouth area of the helmet, it was to plain. I then decided what was missing was the Joker's smile. I was happy with how the chaotic colors of this helmet was looking.
After the paint has fully dried, I sprayed on a protective clear coat. I used the Dupli-Color Perfect Match as you can see in the picture. I used two full cans of this clear coat on the helmet. Was it over doing it? I think not, I want my hard work on this helmet to last.
After I let the clear coat dry fully overnight I carefully cut along all the masking tape to seperate the tape from any clear coat. I then slowly removed all the masking tape to see what the helmet was potentially going to look like when finished. I was very happy with how the helmet looked. Are you?
I let the helmet cure for a few days. I just wanted to make certain that the clear coat was dry. The next thing I did to the helmet was reinstall all the helmet padding that I removed earlier and then put on a new sheild that I purchased with an iridium tint to it. I just thought that it would look better than a clear shield (I hate clear shields on helmets). I do believe my Joker inspired helmet is now completed.