I have been a hugh Star Wars fan for most of my life. I am a proud member of the 501st and Rebel Legion. I belong to the Bloodfin Garrison and Mos Espa Base of Indianapolis, IN. As an Imperial I have trooped in Sandtrooper (TD) Armor, Stormtrooper (TK) Armor, Snowtrooper (TS) Armor, Shadowtrooper (Blackhole) Stormtrooper (TX) Armor, and Tusken Raider (DZ) for now. As a Rebel I troop around as a Rebel Fleet Trooper and Tusken Raider.
I am sure more costumes are to follow in the future.

Rebel Fleet Trooper Binks
Tusken Binks
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*Events listed below are events that I personally took part of.
Art of the Starfighter April 2002 Indianapolis Children’s Museum Photographer, Handler,
Stormtrooper (1 day),
Han Solo (several days)
“Attack of the Clones” line up and premiere May 2002 AMC Theater (Greenwood, IN) Photographer, Handler,
Stormtrooper (1 day)
“Attack of the Clones” Toy Promo May 2002 Toys-R-Us (Indianapolis, IN) Photographer / Handler
Jedi Outcast computer game release June 2002 Gateway (Greenwood, IN) Photographer / Handler
Concord Center Aug 2002 Indianapolis, IN Stormtrooper
DragonCon 2002 Sept 2002 Atlanta, Georgia Photographer / Handler
Keytin’s Birthday party Sep 2002 Greenwood, IN Photographer / Handler

From 2001-2002 I was part of the 501st, Bloodfin Garrison and had some great fun, mainly as the Bloodfin official photographer. I distanced myself from this organization due to some things that were going on. I needed to step away and find who I was, I was not comfortable. I was going through some issues that needed to be taken care of. After my hiatus I have returned to the 501st as a whole new person in June of 2006. It is great to be back within the ranks of the Empire. I look forward to many trooping events when time permits.

2006 Hallmark Ornament Release July 2006 Bloomington, IN Stormtrooper
Birthday / Riley Hospital Event Aug 2006 Indianapolis, IN Stormtrooper
Chicagoland Entertainment Expo Sept 2006 Chicago, IL Sandtrooper
Games to Dice For / Riley Day Event Nov 2006 Indianapolis, IN Sandtrooper
We Care Dec 2006 Kokomo, IN Sandtrooper

United Methodist Chuch April 2007 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Reporter
Wizard World Chicago Aug 2007 Rosemont, IL Sandtrooper
Jacob's 5th Birthday Party Nov 2007 Indianapolis, IN Stormtrooper

GenCon Indy Aug 2008 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Reporter

Wizard World Chicago

Aug 2008 Rosemont, IL Sandtrooper
Lafayette Symphony - The Movie Music of John Williams
+ More Photos by Chris G. - TD4549
+ More Photos by Phyllis S. - Delta Leader
Oct 2008 Lafayette, IN Snowtrooper
We Care Dec 2008 Kokomo, IN Snowtrooper

A Tribute To John Williams April 2009 Ft. Wayne , IN Snowtrooper
MotorCity ComicCon May 2009 Novi, Michigan Stormtrooper
NapTown Roller Girls - Cyclone Wars
+ More photos on Arilius0's photostream
May 2009 Indinapolis, IN Snowtrooper

Children's Museum - Star Wars Saturdays (1 of 3)

June 2009 Indianapolis, IN Blackhole (Shadow) Trooper
Victory Field - Make A Wish Foundation June 2009 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Reporter
Children's Museum - Star Wars Saturdays (3 of 3) Aug 2009 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Reporter
GenCon Indy Aug 2009 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Reporter
*Big Fun Gun (Armor) Day! at the Binks' Base Aug 2009 Indianapolis, IN Host
Star Wars Day Oct 2009 Charlestown, IN Snowtrooper
"Death Troopers" Book Signing Oct 2009 Indianapolis, IN Rebel Fleet Trooper
Children's Museum Target Family Free Night Nov 2009 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Photographer
Children's Museum - Star Wars Day Nov 2009 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Reporter
We Care Dec 2009 Kokomo, IN Snowtrooper
Star Wars in Concert Dec 2009 Indianapolis, IN Snowtrooper

/ Reportr
Children's Museum - Family Valentine's Feb 2010 Indianapolis, IN Stormtrooper
NapTown Roller Girls - Scar Wars March 2010 Indianapolis, IN Snowtrooper
Planet ComicCon March 2010 Overland Park, KS Snowtrooper
MotorCity ComicCon May 2010 Novi, Michigan Shadow (Blackhole) Trooper
Children's Museum - Star Wars Day June 2010 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Reporter
Armor (Clone) Work Day June 2010 Fishers, IN Attendee
GenCon Indy Aug 2010 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Reporter
Star Wars Celebration IV Aug 2010 Orlando, FL Snowtrooper
Chicago ComicCon Aug 2010 Chicago, IL Snowtrooper
Children's Museum (Final Troop) Sept 2010 Indianapolis, IN Rebel Fleet Trooper
Ft Wayne Zoo Oct 2010 Ft. Wayne, IN Jedi Master Jaga
SteelCity Con Dec 2010 Monoroeville, PA Tusken Raider

Naptown Roller Girls - Cupid Strikes Back Feb 2011 Indianapolis, IN Rebel Fleet Trooper
Children's Museum - Incredible Costumes March 2011 Indianapolis, IN Handler / Photographer
C2E2 March 2011 Chicago, IL Stormtrooper
Children's Museum March 2011 Indianapolis, IN Tusken Raider
United Methodist Church April 2011 Indianapolis, IN Snowtrooper

To view more event images check out the Bloodfin Garrison's WEBSHOTS page.

Thank you to www.sandtroopers.com for hosting and posting some of the above listed events under Dewback Patrol.